GreenSky Finance can provide credit limits of up to $55,000. You can choose between plans that offer a fixed rate with low payments or plans that offer no payments and no interest if the total amount is paid within a certain period. They have a two-step verification process for customers to apply for financing. To begin, you must click on a specific link below and enter your email address and cell phone number.

GreenSky Finance will then send a 4-digit security passcode via text or email to you, prompting you to enter it in. Once the passcode is entered, you can proceed to the application page to complete the process.

 Current Offerings Include:

Other Option Include:

Cash Sales - We accept cash, personal or bank checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. There is a 3% processing fee for metal structures only. Sheds do not have a processing fee. 
Rent-to-Own (RTO) - Everyone is approved! There is no credit check or employment verification. 90 days same as cash options. There is no long term commitments, and we provide the option to pay off early.